Site Launch: Caroline’s Fine Food

Posted by on July 12th, 2018

hasOptimization is proud to announce the launch of a new site: Caroline’s Fine Food. This gourmet caterer has been a client with hasOptimization for some time, and this site re-design has long been in the making. Caroline’s Fine Food focuses on gourmet seasonally prepared food items, and even offers online ordering for same-day carryout items. Sounds delicious! Caroline’s Fine Food has been through several websites in a short span of time, none of which gave Caroline and her team the combination of appearance and functionality that they wanted and needed. While all builds looked good on the outside, there was missing or confusing functionality within the website. The owner was frustrated with the final version(s) of her website, and did not know what to do about it. Here at hasOptimization, we highly value our clients. We want them to succeed! We can make as many changes as possible to make a better site and usability better for visitors, but what it ultimately comes down to is what the business owner feels is best for their business. We took a bit of a gamble, and web designer/developer/many-hatted hasOptimization person Aimee created a quick redesign for Caroline based on her ideals, what kind of product she was selling, and how a restaurant and food-based website should run. We showed this quick redesign mockup to Caroline, and after browsing the site, she loved it. A few tweaks here and there, and we were able to salvage her site and ultimately bring it live! Need a…

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What is SSL and do I need it?

Posted by on April 25th, 2018

If you’ve spent any time developing or working on a website in the past few months, you may know that there has been a large push from Google, web hosting providers, and others to enable SSL (secure sockets layer). Why? Tl;dr: SSL (https) allows you to have the coveted “green padlock” next to your URL, announcing your site can be confirmed that it is, in fact, the website it claims to be, allowing for security and peace of mind.

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3 (And then some) Of Our Favorite WordPress Plugins

Posted by on February 19th, 2018

We build a lot of WordPress pages. A lot of them. In fact, WordPress is our preferred page building method due to the sheer versatility of everything. WordPress has only gotten better with time, and many users will find WordPress to be intuitive and easy to use — even for beginners. Because of this, we’re often weighing out if we should use plugins, and which ones we should use. Here are a few of our favorites we use: Contact Form 7 The top most installed contact form plugin on the WordPress plugin repository. There’s no wonder on this one, though. Contact Form 7 has been around forever, and it’s so simple to use. It also has a lot of plugins built around it to add enhanced functionality. Contact Form 7 just works, which is what makes it so great. Install it once and it usually stays working. If you’re planning on using Contact Form 7, consider also using these plugins in conjunction: Contact Form 7 Database Addon – CFDB7 – A database for all contact form 7 submissions, even if the submission fails to mail. This is great for websites where form submissions are finicky and you need to install a SMTP mailer plugin instead, diverting your submissions to your spam folder. It also helps in case there is a blackout in your contact form to make sure you don’t miss anything. Contact Form 7 Honeypot – This, along with the built in reCAPTCHA integration, will help cut down on contact form…

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Updating Your Website and Your Brand for 2018

Posted by on February 13th, 2018

When making websites, we understand that a website we build for you today may be outdated as soon as a year from page launch. Because the internet is a part of technology, new things and ways to consume data and information routinely come out. A page that we made five years ago may not have the same functionality as a page that is created today. That’s why we offer website development services to update your brand website and attempt to add functionality where none exists. Many times we do this to conform with best practices for responsive website building, since most websites nowadays are viewed on mobile devices. Since the majority of our websites we handle are built on the WordPress platform, enabling older sites of our own for mobile responsiveness is usually not only a no-brainer, it’s fairly simple as well. However, we do also service clients who are interested in updating or changing their brand image. When this happens, we are glad to help! Check out what we’ve done for some of our clients: Tucked In Organics Owners Jason and Emily had us build them a custom eCommerce site a few years back. Since then, their brand image has changed and evolved with time. We’ve kept up with some of the latest in trending web design and kept their website up-to-par. When we were asked to make the page more “serious”, of course we obliged. Even just a few tiny changes on a website can make a lot of difference,…

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