Our Mission Statement

At hasOptimization, we’ve pledged to making the web a better place. While many of our services stand to benefit small and large business owners alike, we are also highly committed to providing the very best service we possibly can.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the web an all-inclusive space where no content is hard to access, read, understand, or get to. We are committed to utilizing white-hat tactics and complying with ever changing web standards whenever and wherever possible.

The services we provide can help businesses land sales, but alternatively, can help often frustrated customers find the information they want and need quickly, without jumping through hoops. That’s why when we say optimization, we mean it, whether that optimization is for page speed, search engine optimization, user experience, accessibility, or otherwise.

Our Principles

While hasOptimization strives to make the web a more inclusive place all around, we also strongly support programs that help marginalized groups be heard and understood. We support groups and programs that aim for equality and fair treatment, and we participate where we can.

We support people of color

hasOptimization supports companies and programs that enable minorities and people of color to have their voices heard. Our team may be diverse in ability, socioeconomic backgrounds, and secondary ethnic history, but as a whole, we are quite white. That gives us privilege which we are mindful of using to amplify the voices of the marginalized.

We support LGBTQ+

hasOptimization is a proud LGBTQ+ company who strongly supports other LGBTQ+ partners and programs. Learn more about our stance on LGBTQ+ on our LGBTQ+ page.

We support neurodiversity

Neurodivergence is a cultural byway at hasOptimization. Many clients and consumers in one way or another face communication, sensory, or mental health challenges. It is our goal to support our customers and their audience by providing content, knowledge, and support that is sensitive to those needs. After all, we at hasOptimization are quite neurodiverse ourselves.

We support accessibility

hasOptimization is committed to helping make the world more accessible to people with disabilities. While we may be limited when it comes to building proper sidewalk ramps, we can proudly say we design websites with accessibility in mind. That means choosing high contrast colors, using big, easy-to-click buttons, properly labeling elements where possible, ensuring we do not design to harm, and more.

We support animals, farms, & environmental sustainability

Of course, we’re proud to say we are staunch supporters of the fair and ethical treatment of animals. We support not-for-profit non-kill shelters and rescue organizations, and several of the team have rescue pets (please, ask us about our pets!).

Additionally, we also support clean and sustainable farms that supply us with our daily food. We believe in environmental sustainability and host with a green hoster who also shares our interest in reducing the impact that the web has on our planet.

We support non-profits

hasOptimization offers discounted rates for verifiable non-profit organizations. We believe it is important to assist the organizations who work so hard to make our world a better place.