Please Welcome Social Media Manager Allyson!

Posted by on March 27th, 2020

Hiring in the world of COVID-19 2020 is, well, kind of a trip. Many companies are laying off staff, and here we are hiring. In many ways, this reflects hasOptimization’s relatively privileged position in this wild ride: We were already a fully remote company, focused on web-based marketing efforts. We will, ultimately, be able to weather this and come out in good shape. And in the meantime, we needed a Social Media Manager.

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Please Welcome Accessibility Specialist Lindsay!

Posted by on January 20th, 2020

At hasOptimization, we’ve been working more towards practicing what we preach. While we believe in things like LGBTQ+ rights, are avid animal advocates, amongst other things, we believe that the web should be as accessible as possible to people of all walks of life. That’s why we’re constantly blogging about how to make your website more accessible, or your social media account. While we can give out tips for best practices, nothing is better than having a real world user work hand-in-hand with our developer to ensure things are functioning properly, as expected, and as best as they can. Only four months ago we took on an assistant, and now we’re taking on an accessibility specialist to help us rigorously test websites to make sure they are functionally usable to those with screen readers. Please join us in welcoming Lindsay Yazzolino as our accessibility specialist! Lindsay Yazzolino is a lifelong assistive technology expert will will be conducting screen reader web accessibility evaluations for hasOptimization. Lindsay comes with a BA in cognitive science from Brown University. Lindsay is also a tactile technology specialist who collaborates with clients such as museums, artists, and scientists to create multisensory hands-on exhibits and other irresistibly “hand-catching” experiences. When not conducting accessibility tests, Lindsay likes to engage in activities like seeking out bats by their echolocation calls (she spent last summer walking around a cemetery doing just that), and assisting with tactile exhibits for museums such as the Smithsonian. Lindsay also loves airline turbulence, once memorized…

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Please Welcome Awesome Assistant Cassandra!

Posted by on August 21st, 2019

You know how sometimes everything is just a bit…much? Yeah, well, that happens to us here at hasOptimization, too. But we like to ensure that our little company hasOptimization just as much as our clients do, so we did something about it! We hired an Awesome Assistant! It’s been almost a year since Morgan Blake joined the team, and it’s been a whirlwind year of change and growth. We’re now super excited to welcome our Awesome Assistant (yes, that’s really her title!), for all the times when we just have a little bit more on our plates than we have time for. So drumroll please, and welcome Cassandra Clarke! Cass is our farthest-flung staff member, hailing from Colorado. She has decades of industry experience in writing, editing, photography and other various and sundry talents. She’s worked in project management, customer service, and even game design. In her free time, Cassandra reads, writes, plays video games, and hikes with her dog (It’s apparent that all hasOptimization employees must love dogs!). Cassandra’s role may become more client-facing over time, but in the short term she’s going to be mostly behind the scenes, helping us become more organized, efficient, and effective. You know…Optimized! We look forward to doing more good work with the help of our slightly larger Highly Optimized Staff. Want to know more about our small but savvy staff? Check out our staff page for more on our Highly Optimized Staff and Awesome Associates.

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Announcement: Rebranding!

Posted by on August 14th, 2019

No, not the company. hasOptimization is staying hasOptimization! No, the rebrand in question is, instead, your friendly local Owner & Lead Strategist H.A Snyder, rebranding as Logan Ares Snyder.  In any rebrand, it’s important to cover your key bases: Who, What, Why, When and How.  Who: Me!  What: Just a name change, it’s not that scary! No new logo, or domain name, or any of the other trappings of a business rebrand. Whew! Why: Well, to be honest my original name never fit very well. I tried making some modifications to it, and that was better, but still not ideal. I finally found a name that felt like it really fit well, and this one’s a keeper.  When: Now! I’ve been planning this for a while, and I’m finally ready to announce it. How: This announcement is going live here on the blog, and will shortly be up on social media and pushed out via email, and over the next few days you’ll see this change across the web. My legal name change is in progress, but I’ll be using my new name starting immediately except for on legal documents like contracts. I imagine that, like any rebrand, it will take a while to polish off the ’stragglers’, but I have a great team in place to help me catch any rogue “H.A”’s out in the wild.  What do you need to do? Great news: the answer is “basically nothing”. Your existing contracts remain valid, your emails will end up in my new…

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Introducing Andrew!

Posted by on May 16th, 2014

hasOptimization is pleased to announce that we’ve hired an Online Marketing Manager. His name is Andrew Pezzuto, and you can learn more about him here, on our new staff page! Andrew is a snappy content writer, a baseball fanatic, and likes to crank dubstep in the hasOptimization offices while he’s working. And we’re okay with that! If a working environment with a constant supply of snacks, permission to kick your shoes off while working, electronica on Pandora most of the day, and a super flexible schedule with work-from-home permission sounds up your alley (oh, and you have to have SKILLZ, in marketing, writing, design or development!) please feel free to send your resume in at any time. We aren’t actively looking for new staff at the time of this writing, but we’re always keeping an eye open for the next member of our expanding team. It’s been a wild and wonderful first quarter here at hasOptimization, and we’re very pleased to have Andrew on board. It’s meant a slow period for blogging but we’re getting back on track. Maybe next post will be a guest post by Andrew! (hint, hint, Andrew!)

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hasOptimization hasThankfulness

Posted by on November 27th, 2013

It has been a truly phenomenal year here at hasOptimization, and we are deeply grateful to the clients, friends, teammembers and collaborators who have helped make it such a banner year. A few of these people bear special mention: Client, friend and collaborator June Trisciani of j. ellen Design, whose referrals and testimonials have launched so much new business. Client/friend/collaborator Susan Englert of Sandpiper Artisans Graphic Design, whose services and referrals are always top notch. Team member Haeleigh Hyatt, without whom we could not have done the volume of business we’ve done this year. Team member Holly Mathison, who has done some amazing work this year on our new business cards and a number of client projects including print design and web design and development. The whole crew at BNI Powerhouse for referrals, collaboration, services and support. And that’s just a sampling. There are too many of you to list here, and you’re all amazing. If you’re reading this post, we are thankful to you!

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Client Profile: Sans Stress Massage

Posted by on November 14th, 2013

Sans Stress is the private massage therapy practice of nationally certified massage therapist, Cat Stolz, LMT. Cat graduated from New Hampshire Institute of Therapeutic Arts’ comprehensive massage therapy program and has put this knowledge to work with her custom 45, 70 and 90 minute massage sessions tailored to meet clients’ individual needs. She enjoys providing relaxation and therapeutic massage services to people in the Somerville, MA area, and even offers portable chair massage services for the workplace or for special events. Before Cat studied massage therapy, we both went to Smith College in Northampton, MA, where we became good friends. When she decided to go into business as an independent massage therapist, I wanted to help her start off on the right foot with her website. While Cat has personally written most of the content on her website, hasOptimization has helped her by doing some keyword research and improving her meta tags, so that she is easily found in the search engines. We’ve also gotten Cat listed on several local business directories and review sites, including Yelp, the Yellow Pages, and Angies List so she can be found by a larger audience. I have personally used Cat’s services, on more than one occasion. Cat is the standard by which I measure other massage therapists. She is the only person who’s managed to consistently deliver the level of knot removal I’m looking for. I have yet to find someone else who measures up to her level of expertise. If you’d like…

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Client Profile: j. ellen Design, LLC

Posted by on September 30th, 2013

j. ellen Design, LLC is a local interior design firm based out of Manchester, NH. The owner, June, provides a full range of residential and commercial interior design services and is dedicated to working collaboratively with you, your architect, builder, or other trade professional to create beautiful spaces suited to your personality and individual style. j. ellen Design can provide expert guidance to help you through the overwhelming array of choices involved in a design project. Whether you need help with a small design project–like picking the right color to paint a room–or a full house or business design, j. ellen Design, LLC is there to help. I know June Trisciani, the owner of j. ellen Design, LLC through my local business networking group. Soon after we met, we began discussing improvements June wanted to make to her website. We redesigned June’s website to match the look of her excellent logo and business cards (created by our good friend Susan at Sandpiper Artisans), and optimized the content on June’s site so that she is more easily found in the search engines. We’ve also helped June to develop her online presence in other ways, including social media. June is fabulous interior designer and a genuinely friendly person. What better way to showcase this than social media? We’ve set up a several of June’s social media profiles, got her started in email marketing, and aided her in launching her new blog. June is truly a pleasure to work with, and has even introduced…

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Client Profile: Antonia Designs

Posted by on September 23rd, 2013

Antonia Designs is the Washington DC based company of graphic designer Antonia Balazs. Antonia Designs works with individuals and businesses, striving to create custom designs that harness each client’s vision. Antonia prides herself on listening to her clients to capture their ideas on paper. Whether you have a clear vision or are struggling to express an idea, Antonia Designs is there to listen and understand, helping you articulate your ideas. What kind of occasion would you use custom graphic design for? Any! While Antonia does a lot of her design work for engagements, bridal showers and weddings, custom graphic design is appropriate for any occasion. From introducing the newest member of your family with a birth announcement, to special event menus and bar mitzvah and holiday cards, you’ll never be disappointed with Antonia Designs. Antonia Balazs also features comprehensive logo design and branding for small businesses, giving your business a cohesive and professional look to create a lasting impression. However, when it came to Antonia’s online presence, she needed a little help from us. We crafted the Antonia Designs website from scratch, combining quality content and web design with Antonia’s stunning graphics. We created and help to manage most of Antonia’s social profiles (including her new Pinterest page!), allowing her to have meaningful online interactions with potential customers. We’ve also continued to develop Antonia’s Internet presence through online PR and ongoing SEO work on her website. She now has a lengthy mailing list and many social media followers. She deserves it–look…

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Client Profile: Central Lakes Region Movers

Posted by on August 22nd, 2013

Central Lakes Region Movers is a family owned and operated moving company based out of Belmont, NH. Central Lakes Region Movers specializes in both commercial and residential moves, to move your home or office with minimal fuss. Owner Sean Malone is a high school classmate of mine and took over the family business in 2011, after many years of experience. Moving can be a very stressful time in your life. Central Lakes Region Movers works to make your move as easy as it can be. They offer a variety of services, catering to your specific needs. In addition to commercial and residential moves, Central Lakes Region Movers also offers labor only services, to pack and unload your belongings into and out of own vehicle or rented truck at a fraction of the cost of a full move. Their labor only services are also ideal for those who are not moving, but who might just need a few strong guys to move furniture around for a few hours. You’ll feel like you’re amongst friends, not strangers. Sean and CLR came to us in early 2013, in need of their very first website. We created the site you see now on a tight budget to meet the needs of a small, family-owned company. Since the site’s launch, we’ve been hard at work ensuring that this local business has a secure presence on sites like Yelp and Facebook as well as a strong website to capture online leads. It’s always a privilege to…

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