We strive to be a source of information, to make sites that work well and get traffic and conversions, to complete projects efficiently and to always be up for a challenge. The biggest compliment our clients can give is to refer us to others!

Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

“We have been using hasOptimization for a few months now and are extremely happy with their customer service.”

Raymond Mello Bernstein & Mello, PLLC

B Burton Custom Decor Responsive WebsiteThank you to Aimee [at] hasOptimization for keeping on top of managing my website so that viewers see the best information possible and for all of her social media efforts! [H.A] & Aimee also do a great job of keeping online info ( Yelp, Google, Manta, etc ) accurate and up-to-date. All [a] piece of owning a business that I cannot dedicate time to myself!

Barbara Burton B. Burton Custom Decor, LLC

Tucked in Organics Responsive WebsiteAs a satisfied customer of several years, I highly recommend hasOptimization to work with for all of your website, online marketing, and SEO needs. They took us from the bottom to the top with our website, as well as improved our website traffic dramatically. The team of hasOptimization is always super helpful and responsible with all of my (many) needs and questions.

Emily Aborn Tucked In Organics
Home Air Plus Site
Home Air Plus Site

We have had a positive growth period since signing on with hasOptimization. I like the fact that customers can now find us easier than before.

Their team is also very responsive to our needs. Small changes are made quickly and efficiently. I also like that they handle it all. Social media, blog posts, web hosting, etc.

Bob Bartlett Home Air Plus, Inc

“I’ve worked on projects with hasOptimization on several occasions and have referred other businesses to them as well. Holly Ares Snyder, Owner and Digital Marketing Strategist, is absolutely brilliant in her knowledge of the workings of websites and social media. As a client begins working with her and talking to her about their wants and needs, you can literally see through her expressions and her informed questions and comments that her gears begin moving immediately. She knows what will work, what won’t work, and has the explanation in hand to tell the client, in layman’s terms. Web development is intricate, as is SEO, analytics and all the other “magical” things that Holly excels in. I can’t say enough about what a keen mind she has in this field, and I would not (and DO not) hesitate to recommend her to other business owners in New Hampshire (or anywhere)”.

Susan Bradstreet Englert Sandpiper Artisans Graphic Design

“Holly really knows her stuff and it is apparent in the results. In just 8 months, our website reached over 1,000 visits per month [from zero–HAS]. She truly is a “website improver extraordinaire,” as she not only is an expert in the subject, but also takes the time and effort to make thoughtful and intelligent recommendations. She has consistently provided work with a high level of integrity and I believe that Holly would be an asset to any website.”

Nikki Chemel ziibest.com
Antonia Designs Site
Antonia Designs Site

“The site looks absolutely amazing – I love all the tweaks you’ve done. The look is so attractive and harmonious!” [regarding her original site from several years ago]

“A quick note to thank you and Jason for the absolutely stellar work on the website redo. It’s just stunning and I’m thrilled with it. Jason has a great visual eye and there are all sorts of details that might be unnoticed in the overall splendor – like the new favicon. It’s all very much appreciated.” [regarding her new site, launched early 2015]

Antonia Balazs Antonia Designs

“Holly is creative, sharp, knowledgeable and results-oriented. I was looking to hire an SEO consultant and figured it would be a necessary but unexciting project. Wrong! Holly’s flair for critical thinking and brainstorming skill make working with her inspiring and rewarding.”

Jackie Houston jackiehoustonstyle.com
Foresight Consulting Website
Foresight Consulting Website

“Recently I had the opportunity to work with Holly on an emergency situation involving one of my clients.

Running a search through any of the major search engines brought back results showing the clients links with a Canadian pharmacy’s advertising text mixed in. Initially we suspected it was a hijacked domain name and worked to correct it without success. After over a week of frustration we decide to contact Holly and ask her to look into the situation.
Within a day or so Holly had determined the issue was within the site itself.

The clients web site had been hacked and the data that was showing up under Google, Bing, AOL and several other search engines was actually hidden in the sites files.

Not only did Holly find the hack and a solution but she continued to assist and monitor the situation until it had been fully resolved.

While I hope none of my clients will have to experience this kind of a situation I now have a new appreciation for Holly and the skills and knowledge she bring to the table.”

Doug Bouvier Foresight Information Systems Consulting
j. ellen Design Site
j. ellen Design Site

“At my invitation, Holly was a guest presenter at Window Covering Association of America’s Seacoast Chapter monthly meeting. Holly’s presentation was focused on SEO and Social Media and was geared toward Interior Designers and Window Treatment Workroom professionals. This can be a difficult topic for a group of non-technical individuals; however, Holly was amazing at breaking down each piece into bite-size chunks that were easy to grasp. The group was quite impressed with her skill set and were able take away valuable tips they could use immediately to improve their web sites and enhance their social media presence.

[In addition, hasOptimization] created my business website and has been working with me to create content and leverage SEO to improve my business traffic. After a bad experience with this in the past, Holly has been a breath of fresh air and I look to her for her expertise on a regular basis. Her breadth and depth of knowledge never ceases to amaze me and I look forward to taking the next steps with her to improve my social media presence and continue to beef up my own web presence as my company continues to grow.

[Finally,] I have referred Holly to my client who is opening a new laser medical spa in Manchester, NH. Again, Holly is quite knowledgeable in her field and never ceases to impress! In our first meeting with the client, Holly was able to shine and really present herself as an expert in the web optimization and social media realm. She was able to answer my client’s questions and build a comfort level almost immediately. Holly has been retained to provide her expert project management skills and expertise when developing the website, social media presence and site optimization as we prepare to open this new business. As with my business, Holly will continue to be a valuable, long-term member of the team. (Holly has also already been asked to review one of my client’s other business websites to see how she can make it better!)

I can go on; however, the best thing I can say is you will not be disappointed when you work with Holly. She is a remarkable young woman who continues to impress me every day.”

June Trisciani j. ellen Design, LLC

“Holly – you are a saint!!! We are all very, very, very happy over here today. Thank you so much for your support and assistance. You really came through in a pinch… and an unplanned one at that. Thanks for your flexibility and your willingness to jump in.”

Tara Mahady Secondwind Water Systems

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