Social Media Branding at Work

Brand Altruism – What is it, and why do it?

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Hi, Morgan here! I’m the social media manager for hasOptimization and I’m here to tell you about the idea behind brand altruism. Every day, I do research, gather content, share posts, update social media, and more. Sometimes, the question comes up: “Why post a link to this site that doesn’t link back to my product?” […]

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4 Things You Can Do Now to Make Your Website More Accessible To Others

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A problem with the internet, and with the world in general, is that we put preferential treatment into building things that work for people who are able and able-bodied. When we say able, we mean people who can walk (and walk easily), people who are sighted or can see well, or any other variety of […]

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How do I Write Good Alt Text?

What is alternative text (alt text) and what does it do?

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When it comes to web accessibility, we may have new features such as Google’s ability to discern animals, shapes, and otherwise from images themselves, but much of a search engine’s ability to “see” images isn’t rooted in deep dream technology. Crawlers use a lot of contextual items to discern what your image is about and […]

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How does the algorithm work?

What is the Facebook Algorithm and how does it work?

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Chances are, if you’re on the web in 2019, you have heard of the dreaded algorithm. Facebook is not the only social media channel that utilized “the algorithm”… Subsidiary Instagram also utilizes “the algorithm” over recent posts. Twitter has also begun to adopt the same idea, and other social media programs are falling into line […]

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