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3 (And then some) Of Our Favorite WordPress Plugins

We build a lot of WordPress pages. A lot of them. In fact, WordPress is our preferred page building method due to the sheer versatility of everything. WordPress has only gotten better with time, and many users will find WordPress to be intuitive and easy to use — even for beginners. Because of this, we’re […]

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Updating Your Website and Your Brand for 2018

When making websites, we understand that a website we build for you today may be outdated as soon as a year from page launch. Because the internet is a part of technology, new things and ways to consume data and information routinely come out. A page that we made five years ago may not have […]

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Quality Loss

What is going on, WordPress? Why are my images being compressed?

I just went through an interesting couple of hours. On top of being a web developer, social media manager, and general many-hatted SEO adventurer, I’m also a freelance illustrator. Anyone who is an illustrator, photographer, or visual artist knows that image quality is really, really important — especially when displaying portfolios and the like. It’s […]

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Google Beacon in Life

Happening Now: Google Beacon

Some of our clients–as well as ourselves!–have received complimentary Google Beacon devices mailed to their business address lately. If you have a Google My Business account, you may receive this device in your mail. What is Google Beacon and What Does it Do? Google Beacon is a new way for customers to find something that […]

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Break Free 603 New Site

Site Launch: Break Free 603

Break Free 603 LLC is an escape room in Amherst, NH. The owner, Keith, did a fantastic job using MobiRise to create a nice starter website with necessary information. We call it a “starter” site, because as you know, in-browser website builders usually aren’t all that great. He did a good job of getting the […]

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Instagram’s New Messenger Direct: What is it and do you need it?

Recently we learned that Instagram is testing out, in select markets, a separate messaging app rather than packaging it directly inside of its app. Most of us remember when Facebook made this move a little while back, taking messages out of their colossal Facebook app and bringing it into its own app — enabling the […]

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EcoSource New Site

Site Launch: EcoSource LLC

EcoSource LLC, who provides cleaning services to business of all sizes in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, became a hasOptimization client in the summer of 2017. When we take on new clients, we often “inherit” sites that can be plagued with problems. Most of the time, sites can easily be modified or “fixed” to bring them […]

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Weebly Logo

Why aren’t website builders so great?

When we take on new clients, often times they hand over DIY projects and websites to us to continue working on. While we are all for taking responsibility into your hands and trying out the DIY route, we often have to explain to our clients why sometimes DIY website builders aren’t the greatest things. Sure, […]

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Net Neutrality

Calm Down, Internet: Net Neutrality

You may have heard a bit about net neutrality recently. The reason for this being that the FCC unveiled a plan yesterday (11/22/2017) to roll back protections put in place in 2015 to preserve net neutrality. Many people understand what this means, and others do not. This is where I’m going to derail: this is […]

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Facebook Feed

Calm Down, Internet: Facebook Moving Page Posts from Newsfeed

Recently, my newsfeed was blowing up with people who were very concerned over news articles stating that Facebook was “moving non-promoted posts from the general news feed”. Rightly so if you were to read a headline like that. If you’re a small business or a business that relies on word-of-mouth or social media to sell […]

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