Google on a Tablet

Mobile-First Indexing: What You Should Know

By now, if you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet researching SEO and reading up on best practices, you may know that Google has begun to roll out what is known as mobile-first indexing. In this blog post, we’ll discuss mobile-first indexing, what it is, whether you should be concerned about your Google […]

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Social Media: Casting a Line vs. Casting a Net

When taking on new clients for social media management, we often have to sell ourselves on a few points and convince our clients that we are working in their best interests. One of the biggest things we have to sell our new clients on is when we’re coming up with topics to post about, that […]

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Word of Mouth

Reviews: What to do and what not to do

One of the biggest sticking points when it comes to small business is reviews. While we have guides on what to do with bad reviews, and guides on how to ask for reviews, we need to also talk about the importance of reviews, especially when it comes to running a small business. Why are reviews […]

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Greenblatt Law LLC Site

Site Launch: Greenblatt Law LLC’s New Website

hasOptimization is proud to announce the launch of a new site for Greenblatt Law, LLC, a family, matrimonial, and divorce attorney in New York City. This site was a very interesting ride. Our client, Elysa Greenblatt, was running a SquareSpace website. While we have no problem with clients making DIY websites, SquareSpace has some issues, […]

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Publish your Website

Google Built-In Websites

We’ve had a lot of notifications about this particular feature on Google My Business. When managing a lot of different locations on Google, Google can get obnoxious with reminders sometimes. However, any other owners on these accounts will also get notifications, which means that the business owners may be getting confusing notifications from Google as well. Don’t […]

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Bad Review

Brand Reputation: When to Throw Shade

One thing small businesses struggle most with is brand reputation. Specifically, bad reviews. One bad review can really do a number on your reputation across the internet, depending on what it says and how it was received. While we do have guidelines on what to do with bad reviews and how to best handle them, […]

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Aimee Cozza on Vero

Viral this Week: Vero App, New Social Media Platform

It’s 2018. People are sick of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. People are tired of “the algorithm” and yearn for the old days of seeing their posts in order from their friends. If you’ve spent any time on Instagram this weekend, you may have noticed that a new social media app has gone viral, and with […]

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Tiled Gallery Carousel

3 (And then some) Of Our Favorite WordPress Plugins

We build a lot of WordPress pages. A lot of them. In fact, WordPress is our preferred page building method due to the sheer versatility of everything. WordPress has only gotten better with time, and many users will find WordPress to be intuitive and easy to use — even for beginners. Because of this, we’re […]

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Updating Your Website and Your Brand for 2018

When making websites, we understand that a website we build for you today may be outdated as soon as a year from page launch. Because the internet is a part of technology, new things and ways to consume data and information routinely come out. A page that we made five years ago may not have […]

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