We are proud to announce the launch of a new site for Ava Marie Chocolates. Located in Peterborough, NH, Ava Marie Chocolates has been providing outstanding gourmet chocolate creations throughout New England since 2003. In 2023, the store was purchased and the new owners wanted to freshen up the site and branding of their chocolates so we stepped in to help! 

hasOptimization has been working with Ava Marie Chocolates for the past couple of years. We had assisted them previously with site changes and were excited to jump into a whole new look. They were looking for a site that matched their new logo and that represented their values and presence in the community.

We began to formulate the site design based on the colors they used in their new logo. Ava Marie Chocolates wanted a site that felt fun and easy to use in person and for online chocolate buyers but also professional and easy to navigate. We wanted to combine the bright colors from the logo and as many images of their amazing chocolate products as possible. Of course, Ava Marie Chocolates did not fall short in supplying us with fun images to use! 

It was important to Ava Marie Chocolates that this site be easy to order from and navigate, since they have many products available online. So we did our best in reorganizing the categories so that they make sense to users.

We are excited to continue our relationship with Ava Marie Chocolates and look forward to working with more local organizations that sell such tasty products!. If you want to learn more about Ava Marie Chocolates and the awesome chocolates they sell, check them out at avamariechocolates.com. 

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