We’re very pleased to welcome our new Social Media Director, Katherine Sookma. Katherine hails from the far distant land of Texas, but as so many folks have learned in the last couple years (and we already knew), distance is actually very little barrier to effective work in many fields. We’re lucky here in that our work is very adaptable to the remote-work paradigm, but one odd benefit of the proliferation of remote work in the last couple of years has been that when we interview potential team members, the question of “are you comfortable working remotely?” is far less of an oddity than it once was.

Katherine has a degree in Mass Communication with a focus in PR and Advertising from Sam Houston State, and is a digital native and social media superfan with an agency social media background. She’ll be taking over social media strategy and publishing for our clients and our own channels, so you can look forward to seeing her pop up on our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc in the next few weeks.

When she’s not working, Katherine enjoys reading, video games, and hanging out with her two dogs. Another hasOptimization animal lover….big surprise there! But as we have established via some low key social media science, Dogs Get Likes, so we hope to have these new furry bonus staff members gracing our channels in the future.

So without further ado, please welcome Katherine Sookma to the team!

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