From preparations for holiday shopping season (no, we can’t believe it’s just around the corner either) to new insights into Google’s crawl budget, we’ve got you covered with a roundup of some important digital marketing news over the last month.

Upcoming E-Commerce Trends for 2022 Holidays

We’re not sure how this happened, but it’s time to talk about the holiday shopping season already. This breakdown of current SEO trends in e-commerce can help your business plan ahead to maximize your success. For example, article and category pages are performing better than product pages, so make sure you aren’t putting all your focus on individual product pages!

Google Announces 4 New Shopping Features

These changes will affect Google Ads as well as Merchant Center, allowing more information to be posted and easily accessible to shoppers. One key feature is the ability to add expected delivery dates and information about returns right in the ad—a great option to help improve the quality of your clicks!

Twitter Updates Link Previews

Twitter is testing a new format for sharing links on the platform, beginning by rolling out this feature for several major businesses. These “tiles” can show featured images and metatags for content. 

Proponents hope that it will make sharing external information more engaging on a platform that is more text-focused, while critics worry that it will continue a move away from discussions. Whether you are for or against the change, it’s also a reminder to make sure your website content has accurate and engaging metatags and a featured image!

Instagram Suggests Best Practices for Recommended Content

Successful Instagram content takes a lot of time and energy, especially when the app is continuing to move toward video content. This means that a quality Instagram marketing campaign is expensive. How can you take the edge off? Make content that is recommended to users who don’t already follow you! Instagram recently released some guidelines and best practices for creating recommended content.

If you are putting the time into creating content for your business on Instagram, this can help give you more bang for your buck!

Google Staffers Discuss Indexing & Crawl Budgets

Google recently released a discussion about some of the processes that go into indexing sites. This process has historically been pretty opaque, so if you’re looking for insights into how Google makes some of these determinations—as well as what you should and shouldn’t worry about as a business owner—check out this article for some highlights.

Digital marketing can be overwhelming and time consuming. Teaming up with experts who can help you take your website, ads, and social media to the next level can give you the time to focus on the parts of your business that you love most! Want to learn more about how we can help you take your digital marketing to the next level? Contact us today!

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