Site Launch: Ambrogi Law Office’s New Look

Posted by on January 6th, 2015

hasOptimization is pleased to announce the launch of a new look for Ambrogi Law Office, an elder law specialist inManchester, NH. The Ambrogi project is yet another collaboration with 2DiFore Marketing. We took them off an old, outdated, ultra-basic site and put them into a new look on WordPress–more usability, better SEO, and a crisp new look to go with it. The Ambrogi team was careful and precise about everything to do with their new site–which I’m sure is an attitude they also bring to their own work. Working with the women of Ambrogi Law Office reminded me a great deal of the smart, tough women I know from my time at Smith College. We’re happy to know they’re ringing in the new year with a shiny new site! The brand new look (click to go to their site!):

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New Client, New Website: Colonial Printing in Manchester NH

Posted by on December 9th, 2014

At hasOptimization, we love the small local business. We ARE a small local business, after all! So some of our favorite clients to work with are always the small companies that give NH towns their flavor and depth. This past weekend included the lesser-known sibling of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday. So this seems like appropriate timing to honor one of our newest small business clients, and newest website launches, Colonial Printing. Colonial Printing is located in Manchester, NH, on Middle Street not far off Elm. They’re not just a small business, they’re a family-owned business, which is a rare thing these days. Their business is in printing services for businesses, including business cards, signage, posters and the like. They also do a little business in wedding invitations. In an interesting hasOptimization tie-in, Colonial Printing used to employ one of our graphic design partners, Susan Englert of Sandpiper Artisans. When Susan did the print production work for our client Tax Credit Advisors, Colonial Printing was the only company with the capability to fold Susan’s brilliant little mini-brochures (which came out fantastic, we should note!). It was Susan who introduced the Colonial Printers team to hasOptimization–thanks, Susan! Colonial Printing was great to work with on the website production–they already had a look that they liked, designed by their in-house graphic designer, Danielle, so we just made their vision a functional reality on WordPress and handled the process of switching over from their old site (and hosting, and email) smooth and…

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New Website Launch: Catholic Medical Center Emergency Management

Posted by on October 28th, 2014

We recently completed launch of Catholic Medical Center’s Emergency Management ‘micro’ site, in partnership with 2diFore Marketing. This might be our first ever .org launch! CMC was looking to develop a small site for sharing emergency preparedness and disaster management information. We partnered with 2diFore to create a simple, easily-edited WordPress site that retained the basic branding of the (well-respected) Catholic Medical Center hospital. In addition to providing the development for the site, including theme development, database setup, and content management and setup, hasOptimization also provided a member of the CMC team with a training session on how to manage content creation and editing. Does your company need a website (or an upgrade)? Do you need to learn more about managing content, social media, data analysis or advertising? Contact hasOptimization today!

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Much Overdue Announcements: Website Refresh for Home Air Plus

Posted by on September 17th, 2014

I need to make a super-overdue announcement. We launched a really fantastic, long in the making website refresh for Home Air Plus several weeks ago and have been so busy we didn’t get around to posting about it. So here’s Home Air Plus before: And here’s the new and improved version! You can click through to see it live. Owner Bob Bartlett is a member of the same networking group as hasOptimization, and was very particular about what he did and didn’t want for his new website. That’s always a challenge, but it’s one we’re very willing to rise to, and we’re absolutely delighted that Bob is happy with his new, improved, modernized look. In fact, we’re looking forward to launching a marketing campaign for him soon!

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New Website Announcement: RaTS Business Consulting

Posted by on August 5th, 2014

Today we’re pleased to announce the launch of RaTS & Affiliates’ very first website. While we are excited about ALL of our new site launches, there’s something particularly fun about launching a business’ first ever website. RaTS founder Mark Lewis is a member of our BNI networking group and an all-around good guy, with many years of experience as a business consultant and franchising expert. He rightly realized that while he may be a traditional, face-to-face networker (and we’d never deny the power of the in-person connection!), the world has gone digital and it was time he did, too. We designed a site for Mark and RaTS that uses his beloved, quirky rat logo, but also brings in some bright, modern colors and images with a ‘high tech’ feel. We used a lot of Mark’s own content from his networking experience and brochures to flesh out the site, so that it sounds like his voice. We’re hoping we can get Mark into even more online marketing down the line–he has so much to say, he could be a great blogger. But for now, we’re proud to announce that he’s now officially online!

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Client Profile: 2diFore Marketing Solutions

Posted by on June 24th, 2014

Here at hasOptimization, we love all our clients! But there’s a special place in our heart for Dianne Beaton of 2diFore Marketing Solutions. Dianne is not only a client, she’s a partner–and a friend! I met Dianne last year through another fantastic partner, Susan Englert of Sandpiper Artisans Graphic Design, whose design skills have influenced many of the websites we build. Dianne was looking for someone to be the go-to SEO, web development and web maintenance contractor for her full-service marketing firm, and Susan knew that hasOptimization could fill those shoes. We began working with Dianne on SEO content updates for many of her clients, but soon moved on to site maintenance projects and eventually full website overhauls with Susan’s design help. Today, Dianne, Susan and I form a cohesive partnership, trusting each others’ expertise and sharing clients and resources. I have the utmost respect for Dianne’s sales and client relations skills, as well as her ability to keep multifaceted projects moving forward. In turn, she expresses amazement at hasOptimization’s ability to turn out well-optimized, solidly-constructed websites, and my “robot skills” of reading source code as a troubleshooting measure! Dianne and 2diFore are a great example of our white-label agency services, although in this case “white label” isn’t really applicable (the term refers to the practice of stripping one’s own branding off of work that is being resold through another brand). While we’re happy to white label when requested, it’s always a pleasure to work with someone like Dianne who understands that…

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Introducing Andrew!

Posted by on May 16th, 2014

hasOptimization is pleased to announce that we’ve hired an Online Marketing Manager. His name is Andrew Pezzuto, and you can learn more about him here, on our new staff page! Andrew is a snappy content writer, a baseball fanatic, and likes to crank dubstep in the hasOptimization offices while he’s working. And we’re okay with that! If a working environment with a constant supply of snacks, permission to kick your shoes off while working, electronica on Pandora most of the day, and a super flexible schedule with work-from-home permission sounds up your alley (oh, and you have to have SKILLZ, in marketing, writing, design or development!) please feel free to send your resume in at any time. We aren’t actively looking for new staff at the time of this writing, but we’re always keeping an eye open for the next member of our expanding team. It’s been a wild and wonderful first quarter here at hasOptimization, and we’re very pleased to have Andrew on board. It’s meant a slow period for blogging but we’re getting back on track. Maybe next post will be a guest post by Andrew! (hint, hint, Andrew!)

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Client Profile: Pellé Medical Spa

Posted by on January 9th, 2014

Pellé Medical Spa is a premier medical aesthetics center located in Manchester, NH. They specialize in state-of-the-art laser and light-based treatments for wrinkle reduction, skin resurfacing and hair removal, among other things. The spa also offers beauty solutions such as dermal fillers, Botox®, and facials performed by medical professionals. Pellé aims to offer the latest in skin care products and therapies tailored to each client’s needs. I came to know Pellé’s President, Charlie Morgan, through another client of mine, June Trisciani of j. ellen Design, LLC. Charlie Morgan is an accomplished businessman and has an impressive track record. He has aided in the development of several subdivisions in Northern MA and is the owner of Morgan Self Storage and Founder/CEO of Morgan Records Management. Charlie was intrigued by the role of laser technology as a key component in tattoo removal. This led him to discovering the broad applications of lasers today and led to the creation of Pellé. Charlie’s goal was to make Pellé a destination medical spa in the heart of Manchester, but having a luxurious facility, the latest technology and experienced staff wasn’t going to cut it. Pellé needed a web presence to reach a wider audience and to build its clientele. hasOptimization helped Charlie and Pellé every step of the way. We built Pellé a sleek and elegant, easy-to-navigate website from the ground up. Our graphic designers worked to give the website a calm, relaxing feel, while we worked to write optimized content for each webpage on Pellé’s site. We’ve also helped Pellé…

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hasOptimization hasThankfulness

Posted by on November 27th, 2013

It has been a truly phenomenal year here at hasOptimization, and we are deeply grateful to the clients, friends, teammembers and collaborators who have helped make it such a banner year. A few of these people bear special mention: Client, friend and collaborator June Trisciani of j. ellen Design, whose referrals and testimonials have launched so much new business. Client/friend/collaborator Susan Englert of Sandpiper Artisans Graphic Design, whose services and referrals are always top notch. Team member Haeleigh Hyatt, without whom we could not have done the volume of business we’ve done this year. Team member Holly Mathison, who has done some amazing work this year on our new business cards and a number of client projects including print design and web design and development. The whole crew at BNI Powerhouse for referrals, collaboration, services and support. And that’s just a sampling. There are too many of you to list here, and you’re all amazing. If you’re reading this post, we are thankful to you!

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Client Profile: Sans Stress Massage

Posted by on November 14th, 2013

Sans Stress is the private massage therapy practice of nationally certified massage therapist, Cat Stolz, LMT. Cat graduated from New Hampshire Institute of Therapeutic Arts’ comprehensive massage therapy program and has put this knowledge to work with her custom 45, 70 and 90 minute massage sessions tailored to meet clients’ individual needs. She enjoys providing relaxation and therapeutic massage services to people in the Somerville, MA area, and even offers portable chair massage services for the workplace or for special events. Before Cat studied massage therapy, we both went to Smith College in Northampton, MA, where we became good friends. When she decided to go into business as an independent massage therapist, I wanted to help her start off on the right foot with her website. While Cat has personally written most of the content on her website, hasOptimization has helped her by doing some keyword research and improving her meta tags, so that she is easily found in the search engines. We’ve also gotten Cat listed on several local business directories and review sites, including Yelp, the Yellow Pages, and Angies List so she can be found by a larger audience. I have personally used Cat’s services, on more than one occasion. Cat is the standard by which I measure other massage therapists. She is the only person who’s managed to consistently deliver the level of knot removal I’m looking for. I have yet to find someone else who measures up to her level of expertise. If you’d like…

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