This one has been a bit of a journey. Let me take you back, back, back… to 2014. That’s when Rod Towne from the Fire and Rescue Institute first approached us about developing a website! Now, normally a site development project takes a few weeks to a few months, but due to a number of changes and other responsibilities at FRI, this one was in production for almost three years. The hasOptimization team was happy to stick with FRI and keep motivating them to flesh out content and make decisions, and now, finally…

We can announce the launch of FRI’s very first website! How cool is that?

screenshot of Fire & Rescue Institute Website

For the time being, their needs are simple, and we fully expect to help them grow over time as they find new and better ways to utilize their website in their marketing and overall business. Nevertheless, as with all our sites, we’ve fleshed out basic SEO content and structures and set them up with Google Analytics so they can track their traffic. Everyone has to start somewhere on the internet, and we’re always proud to launch a company’s first ever foray into a web presence.

Congratulations, Fire & Rescue Institute!

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