What social media service should I be using?

Posted by on January 31st, 2017

The internet is a wonderful place. Not only does it put the wealth of human knowledge at our fingertips, it means we can access all kinds of once previously not as readily available information. With a quick Google search, you can pull up everything about a business – right down to when they are open, contact information, location, and sometimes even most popular times. Social media helps that. It’s a great way to substantiate your business page and engage with customers and potential customers, share ideas, as well as gather comments and criticisms that can help your business grow. So which social media services should I be using for my business? The too long, didn’t read version of this post is: all of them. However, we know juggling a lot of social media services can be hard, complex, and sometimes even time consuming (that’s what we’re for, anyway. We have it down to a science). If you’re doing it yourself or plan on dabbling in social media a bit to get a feel for it, it might not be very effective for you to be on all social media channels, so let’s break it down for you. Google+ (Google Plus) Who should have it: Everyone, regardless of business type. Long explanation: Google+ is a social media service launched by Google, as the name implies. Information found on Google+ Business Pages will show before anything else when a Google search query is sent, especially for brick-and-mortar locations. This means that before you…

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New Client, New Website: Colonial Printing in Manchester NH

Posted by on December 9th, 2014

At hasOptimization, we love the small local business. We ARE a small local business, after all! So some of our favorite clients to work with are always the small companies that give NH towns their flavor and depth. This past weekend included the lesser-known sibling of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday. So this seems like appropriate timing to honor one of our newest small business clients, and newest website launches, Colonial Printing. Colonial Printing is located in Manchester, NH, on Middle Street not far off Elm. They’re not just a small business, they’re a family-owned business, which is a rare thing these days. Their business is in printing services for businesses, including business cards, signage, posters and the like. They also do a little business in wedding invitations. In an interesting hasOptimization tie-in, Colonial Printing used to employ one of our graphic design partners, Susan Englert of Sandpiper Artisans. When Susan did the print production work for our client Tax Credit Advisors, Colonial Printing was the only company with the capability to fold Susan’s brilliant little mini-brochures (which came out fantastic, we should note!). It was Susan who introduced the Colonial Printers team to hasOptimization–thanks, Susan! Colonial Printing was great to work with on the website production–they already had a look that they liked, designed by their in-house graphic designer, Danielle, so we just made their vision a functional reality on WordPress and handled the process of switching over from their old site (and hosting, and email) smooth and…

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Much Overdue Announcements: Website Refresh for Home Air Plus

Posted by on September 17th, 2014

I need to make a super-overdue announcement. We launched a really fantastic, long in the making website refresh for Home Air Plus several weeks ago and have been so busy we didn’t get around to posting about it. So here’s Home Air Plus before: And here’s the new and improved version! You can click through to see it live. Owner Bob Bartlett is a member of the same networking group as hasOptimization, and was very particular about what he did and didn’t want for his new website. That’s always a challenge, but it’s one we’re very willing to rise to, and we’re absolutely delighted that Bob is happy with his new, improved, modernized look. In fact, we’re looking forward to launching a marketing campaign for him soon!  

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Client Profile: 2diFore Marketing Solutions

Posted by on June 24th, 2014

Here at hasOptimization, we love all our clients! But there’s a special place in our heart for Dianne Beaton of 2diFore Marketing Solutions. Dianne is not only a client, she’s a partner–and a friend! I met Dianne last year through another fantastic partner, Susan Englert of Sandpiper Artisans Graphic Design, whose design skills have influenced many of the websites we build. Dianne was looking for someone to be the go-to SEO, web development and web maintenance contractor for her full-service marketing firm, and Susan knew that hasOptimization could fill those shoes. We began working with Dianne on SEO content updates for many of her clients, but soon moved on to site maintenance projects and eventually full website overhauls with Susan’s design help. Today, Dianne, Susan and I form a cohesive partnership, trusting each others’ expertise and sharing clients and resources. I have the utmost respect for Dianne’s sales and client relations skills, as well as her ability to keep multifaceted projects moving forward. In turn, she expresses amazement at hasOptimization’s ability to turn out well-optimized, solidly-constructed websites, and my “robot skills” of reading source code as a troubleshooting measure! Dianne and 2diFore are a great example of our white-label agency services, although in this case “white label” isn’t really applicable (the term refers to the practice of stripping one’s own branding off of work that is being resold through another brand). While we’re happy to white label when requested, it’s always a pleasure to work with someone like Dianne who understands that…

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5 Tips for the One-Person Business

Posted by on March 14th, 2012

“[Good] bosses consider coaching to be top priority and trust that investing in people will cause the numbers to improve.” I have seen several variations on this advice in recent business-management articles (the quote is from an slideshow on the habits of ineffective managers). The sum takeaway is “People, not numbers, make your business; focus on relationships for long term success.” Which I agree with whole-heartedly. What I actually want to talk about here, though is the implications for the single-person business. How does “invest in people and profits will come” apply to the one-(wo)man shop? The answer is surprisingly simple. As a one-person business, investing in your staff means investing in yourself. Educate yourself: Don’t overtax your hours stressing over the bottom line when you are trying to build a business. Instead, focus on being the best you can be: educate yourself. Spend at least an hour a day learning. If you try to do too much and leave no time for learning, you will not improve your skills and your business will stagnate. Network: Get to know people in your field, but also get to know other business owners in your geographic area. You’re going to need an accountant; you may also need distribution channels, business partners, cross-marketing opportunities, etc. You may need your computer fixed on short notice. Local business relationships can be vital to filling these needs. Keep your eye on the prize: Focus on providing top quality service/product 100% of the time. Profits are…

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From the Horse’s Mouth: Employee Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Posted by on March 9th, 2012

In a company of any size, it is your employees who make or break your business–they are the ones who speak to your clients and potential clients, the ones whose motivation and rewards will determine the efficiency of your business. Clients are important, of course, but it can be easy to forget that word of mouth marketing comes not ONLY from clients, but ALSO from employees, and in many cases a good or bad word from “the inside” can count a whole lot more than the word of one customer. What are your employees saying about you? Ask yourself: What are my employees saying about me, and my company? How can I positively influence this? What information do my employees have about my business I wouldn’t want customers to know? How am I controlling that information? Do my employees like working for my business? A happy employee is unlikely to bad-mouth you. An undercompensated, overworked employee is already complaining about you on Twitter. What can I do to make my employees more satisfied? A satisfied employee speaks highly of their employing company. How can I encourage employees to be good word-of-mouth? What can I do that will encourage them to passively bring in new business (remember, you don’t have to pay for this!)? Furthermore, consider: How am I controlling my reputation on the social web? As an online marketing professional, I see many companies that have little awareness of the social web beyond “I know I should be on Facebook”…

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