Here it comes… This roundup has a lot of expected items and some surprise shockers. Let’s take a look at what we’re grabbed from around the web this past month or so.

AI generated stuff is causing a problem… Because of course it is

In the last few marketing roundup blog posts, we spoke about the troublesome problem with AI generated content, including the new shiny ball that is algorithmically generated “art”. Since algorithmically generated content including meta descriptions, excerpts, snippets, and even full blog posts seem to be taking over the internet, Google has come out with new guidelines for AI generated content and whether or not it will determine these works as actual content or spam. (Hint: Google says it’s spam and is against webmaster guidelines) It is worth noting that for now Google may be lacking in the tools to correctly identify machine-assisted content, however, you can bet your butt that they’ll be rolling up an algorithm update that does just that.

Oh, and by the way, litigation is pending both from artists to Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, and DeviantArt along with big bad Getty Images suing Stable Diffusion for the scrape that built the LAION 5B dataset, in case you were wondering how AI “art” has been going.

Password management tool LastPass breached, and it’s worse than anyone thought

Our last roundup post was written prior to the announcement of the scope of the LastPass data breach, but if you’re using LastPass, you’re going to want to hear this. Back in August of 2022, LastPass had a malicious actor access its systems. LastPass stated that while the actor was in their systems for about four days, information was not compromised. Well, take that back. On December 26th, 2022, LastPass announced that they discovered the actor took copies of every single user’s vault on the service. While LastPass claims the data is encrypted and can only be decrypted with the master vault password, that just means it’s a matter of time before someone gets in and uses all of your precious data. We’re urging users of LastPass to 1. Leave the service (Try Bitwarden) and 2. Change all passwords where possible, or at the very least, sensitive passwords like bank accounts, payment tools, social media accounts, etc.

Twitter turns off some third-party management tools

If you use third-party management tools to work on Twitter (we do) like tools that schedule tweets and generate reports, well, some of those may stop working soon (if they haven’t already stopped working). In an attempt to get people to spend more time on site, it appears Twitter is restricting the use of these third-party management tools. The tailspin continues for Twitter, it seems.

Soft launch for new artist portfolio network Cara

We recently had the pleasure of testing out an artist portfolio on new artist portfolio networking site Cara. This platform has grown with the call for the exclusion of AI generated “art” and is looking towards a shining future picking up artists as they close out their ArtStation and DeviantArt accounts. We’re carefully watching this with hope in our hearts!

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