It’s time for yet another marketing news roundup!

Meta rolls out paid verification

For the (not so low) price of $12-$15 a month, you too can have a verification checkmark of your very own, regardless of how many followers you have or your brand identity. That means what was unobtainable for many people for years is now easily done with the click of a button, money exchanging hands, and a couple of extra things. This will probably see a smoother rollout than Twitter’s paid verification system did, but we don’t think it’s going to do any favors for the platform. Still… It’s there if you want it.

WordPress 6.2 is here!

WordPress just recently rolled out version 6.2. This new release includes new features and bug fixes. Lots of updates regarding full site editing. A shiny new feature is the ability to add custom CSS to blocks with a new “Styles” panel. Read more about the new features and bug fixes at WPBeginner.

ChatGPT-4 arrives

While we’re not necessarily touting AI content creation as something you may want to be doing, you should be aware about the ever evolving landscape of what is called “AI” – artwork, content generators, etc, and where their strengths and weaknesses lie. ChatGPT-4 comes loaded with new features including the ability to upload images, video, and more to the AI for output. One demo showed ChatGPT-4 creating a functional website from a sketch. Take a look at what ChatGPT-4 is doing, and remember to use AI responsibly.

Glaze hits the scene

But while we’re talking about AI, let’s talk about defeating it too. 🙂 Artists around the world are trying out the University of Chicago’s new project “Glaze”, which will help protect artworks from unauthorized usage in AI data sets. Glaze works by altering pixels in an input image that would normally help an AI tool determine stylistic qualities in a work. What this does is throw off the scent, so to speak, and make the altered image “look like” another work entirely to the AI. To the human eye, the differences are barely noticeable, but to the AI, they’re massive. Read about and download Glaze at the University of Chicago’s website.

Are there certain types of digital marketing news that you’d like to know more about? For our monthly roundup, we pick a few items from the last month’s news, but we are always happy to report on particular features if you ask! Let us know in the comments.

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