It’s time for another marketing roundup!

Twitter wants to kill third-party API

At the time of writing this, Twitter has planned to kill third-party API prompting Tumblr and other publishers to revoke features meant for sharing on Twitter. So far, Twitter hasn’t made good on that promise (yet), but they may still be looking to do so. Twitter plans to allow paid users to use this service, but free users will no longer be able to. Sounds like a bad business decision, don’t you think? Just one in a long line of many for the social media platform, and we’re sure many more to come.

Buffer supports Mastodon

Where Twitter may be revoking features, we’re now seeing more third-party platforms picking up Mastodon, such as Buffer. Scheduling has always been available in Mastodon, though it can be clunky through the desktop scheduler or missing features. We’re happy to see Buffer taking up this new social platform and taking it seriously!

Instagram shutting down live shopping March 16th

The shopping boom is apparently dying – pushing products on Instagram live might not have panned out the way Meta had thought it would, and Instagram is pulling the plug in live shopping features.

What is a broadcast channel and how is it any different from anything else on social media?

Facebook is introducing broadcast channels to Instagram. These are a lot like Telegram, and can only be accessed through the mobile app. Broadcast channels are a public, one-to-many messaging tool to engage with followers at a scale. How it works is basically like a group message for all your followers. Creators can send updates to people enrolled in the broadcast channel. For more information, see Facebook’s announcement post.

AI making inroads in SEO and PPC

Discussions on how “artificial intelligence” like ChatGPT will affect the marketing world continue, as Microsoft is considering running AI ads in Bing. There’s no timeline or details yet on when these ads will become available or what the process will look like, but it’s a sign that search engines are considering more ways to incorporate AI.

Bing AI Chatbot goes hog wild

Microsoft decided to add an AI chatbot to Bing, which has gone a bit crazy. Check out these articles:

NH WP Meetup event March 21st, 2023: What’s new in WP 6.2

New Hampshire WordPress: What's new in WordPress 6.2

Join us as we discuss what’s new in WordPress 6.2, coming March 28th, 2023!

Daisy Olsen will be giving a presentation on new features, bug fixes, and more slated for the WP 6.2 release on March 28th. Join us at The Bookery in Manchester, NH for her presentation. Light refreshments will be served, but The Bookery has its own cafe we urge you to try! RSVP now.

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