hasOptimization is proud to announce the launch of a site for Two Bees Cafe and Patisserie, a new cafe located in Dover, NH.

Ross and Rebekah came to hasOptimization looking for help to build a website for their cafe and patisserie opening soon in Dover called Two Bees Cafe and Patisserie. Their name and logo reflects the idea of the “busy bee” with Ross and Rebekah at the forefront of the cafe. They wanted their site to invoke the same look and feel as their logo, as well as the interior design colors and aesthetic chosen for their new Dover location.

Two Bees Cafe and Patisserie, as a freshly baked company, started out with a small budget. They knew they needed a website as the face of their business so people could not only find them, but also find out more about their “basic ingredients”: what hours they’re open, their location, and more. We were happy to help them by serving them a veritable amuse-bouche: a “coming soon” page with their basic information while the site was being prepared, which was then kneaded into a more fully-fledged site.

Leaning into Two Bees’ aesthetic was easy as pie given Rebekah’s color choices and font choices early on in the project. Rebekah also sent along some fantastic images of their products: baked goods, breads, cakes, salads, sandwiches, and more that we could use to both draw inspiration, as well as pepper throughout the site.

While their new website may be just a starter for now, they will find everything they need to keep momentum going as the bread rises and they continue to flesh out their site. As they grow, they can easily add new pages, new services, and even begin blogging if they like using the powerful content management system WordPress has to offer.

Two Bees Cafe and Patisserie promises to provide fresh, high-quality ingredients while offering an attentive, warm, and gracious experience. Be sure to check them out at 100 First St.

Dover, NH 03820 and you can keep up with their shop at twobeespatisserie.com. They also have their Instagram and Facebook pages up so give them a like! 

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2 responses to “Site Launch: Two Bees Cafe & Patisserie”

  1. Paul says:

    As a customer, I’m interested in the hours this restaurant is open, but to find hours it’s under “contact us”. Also pictures are so important but, there’s no picture of the front of the restaurant. I’m interested in driving to this place but it would be helpful to see the storefront. As a customer, I’m mostly interested in the menu. But there isn’t anything called “menu” was it the non functional shopping cart where the menu is located? The menu really needs pictures! It seems like photographing should be an important part of website development.

    • Aimee Cozza says:

      Hi Paul,

      The hours are on the contact us page and footer – standard placement.

      As stated in the blog post, the business is not open yet therefor they cannot provide photos of the storefront. They also do not have a live menu since they are not open.

      On-site photography is not part of our website development process as it can drive the cost of a build into the tens of thousands. Thank you for your suggestion, though. We will consider it for the future.

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