A little bit of everything is happening in the world of tech, from CMS changes to new features and updates. Check out the latest ongoings that have been happening in the marketing world!

WordPress considering moving to plugin-first mentality

While some people are disgusted to hear about this possibility, and others are excited at the prospects, plugin-first will definitely mean a lot of changes for WordPress in the future. Essentially, WordPress may strip features from core to make core as solid and secure (and lightweight!) as possible, and offer the “lost” features instead in the form of official plugins. Possible yay, possible boo if you look at Jetpack as any sort of benchmark for official plugins. 

Google September 2022 product reviews update rollout has finished

Over the course of six days beginning September 20th and ending September 26th, Google rolled out an algorithmic update that will aim to reward high-quality product reviews and promote them in search results rankings. Learn more about what this means and how to write or collect high quality reviews.

A repost feature may be coming to Instagram

Instead of downloading a separate app entirely to repost Instagram posts and reels, what if you could do it natively? Instagram will be testing this feature with select users soon. Let’s hope it sticks!

Better visual search experience coming to Google

Google is revamping its traditional search experience to show off some of its lesser known services and highlight them, making them easier to find. You may know of services like maps, using Google to ID music, translating text with a camera, or using Google Lens to ID plants or insects. Not everyone knows about these features or how to find them quickly and easily, and Google’s update aims to fix that.

Twitter still says it’s testing an edit button

Ever accidentally make a typo in a tweet and then had to delete it and start over? Well, in the future, you may be able to make edits to your tweets. We hope, anyway. The feature should allow you to make an edit within 30 minutes of posting a tweet, and as we all know, you see the typo directly after you hit tweet, so it should help. With great editing power comes great responsibility.

LastPass breach!

LastPass, a password management tool used by many, was reported to have a security breach wherein the hacker had access to their systems for four days. LastPass assures people that since the breach occurred on the development side, which is separate from customer data, the incident did not involve any customer data or encrypted password vaults. This means you don’t need to change any passwords – but think about it, might it be time to change your master password anyway?

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