In our monthly marketing news roundup, we highlight some recent news in the world of digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and more! Find out how updates in social media algorithms may affect your digital marketing strategies, prepare your small business for changes and updates, or just keep up to date on some of the things that are happening in this ever-changing field.

Major Updates for Google News

Twenty years after Google News was first launched, it has been completely revamped, allowing users to focus on local stories, top news, and/or personalized content.This may change how you and your clients interact with information on Google, allowing benefits for small businesses to leverage local media connections to create broader reach.

Big Changes Coming to Facebook Feeds

Facebook has been struggling to compete with TikTok, particularly among younger markets, and reports suggest that they have some big changes coming to their algorithms soon. Instead of having individual Facebook feeds primarily populated by who the user follows (in many cases, people they know), this leaked memo suggests that Facebook will start recommending posts based on user interests and habits. While this presents some increased difficulty reaching your core audience, as a small business it also offers more ways to reach new customers.

Small Businesses Use Marketing to Prepare for Economic Change

Small businesses have experienced a lot of economic instability over the past few years, and current economic forecasts have some worried about the possibility of a recession in the months to come. Many small businesses are using digital marketing to plan for changes to their business strategies. If you’re worried about the economy, don’t panic—prepare!

LinkedIn Launches Business Manager

LinkedIn has had growing importance, particularly for B2B businesses, but users have long complained about the interface. LinkedIn has announced that they are launching Business Manager in the coming weeks, offering a central location to manage campaigns, ad accounts, business partners, and more. This update—which doesn’t yet have a rollout date, but is expected soon—will be particularly useful for midsized marketing organizations.

Overwhelmed by YouTube? Consider YouTube Shorts!

YouTube has a huge worldwide presence, but creating, editing, and managing video content can be a challenge. However, around 75% of YouTube’s audience is engaging with YouTube Shorts—that’s 1.5 billion users a month! If you want to start creating video content or expand your reach, YouTube Shorts may be a great avenue for you to explore.

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