hasOptimization is proud to announce the launch of a new site for Connecticut-based hand-engraver Rusalka Engravery. This small business owner is stepping out into the world on their own with their very first eCommerce website.

When Nellie of Rusalka Engravery first approached us, she was just starting out on her own. She had experience engraving and making jewelry of all sorts, but she had recently parted ways with a former business partner and was looking to begin building a business of her own. With the help of our creative partner Sue Englert of BECreative, we generated a full branding identity for Rusalka Engravery, including a logo, business cards, and the beginnings of her very first website!

Rusalka Business Card

With branding completed, we could move on to building the start of Nellie’s new website. We fleshed out Nellie’s website with consistent photos, and added her first base products. We connected a PayPal gateway for her to take payments. Additionally, we added a subscription feature on her site where people could sign up to hear about new product announcements — all automated through RSS and the WordPress CMS.

We wish Nellie all of the best in her new business foray, and will be helping her generate more sales and avenues for sales in the future!

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