Ever hear about the chocolate donuts SEO example, aka the “perfectly optimized page”? If you haven’t, there’s a great visual explanation here, but we wanted to flesh it out into a real example page. It’s a great way to learn about keyword placement and density. Let’s go!

The thing about chocolate donuts is how delicious they are. While there are a ton of donuts out there, there are none quite as rich and delicious as a chocolate one. When talking about baked goods, there’s really not a ton of things that compare to how amazing perfectly baked chocolate donuts can be.

Chocolate Donuts

What is it that makes a baked good like this so delicious? It might come down to human perception. Those of us that have a sweet tooth find more sugar is better than less sugar. Those of us who do not have a sweet tooth balk at the sugary sweets our counterparts like best. However, donuts are a great item that has the best of both worlds. Specifically, baked goods with chocolate in them most people find they want the most. How many people reach for Hershey kisses after a stressful day? We know we like to snack on these items occasionally too! Is your mouth watering yet?

The Science of Chocolate (And Chocolate Donuts!)

Why is that? It turns out that chemicals in that sultry candy bar contains theobromine. Theobromine can actually increase the heart rate and bring about feelings of arousal. Put that together with the sugary, perfectly baked goodness in chocolate donuts, and suddenly it’s a really hard item to pass up. We as humans love calorie-dense items. Bakery treats and pastries are that perfect something that can help lift our spirits if we’re feeling down, or help us through a particularly stressful day.

That’s why when hasOptimization wants a baked good that really hits the spot, we try to look for something that has the deliciousness of chocolate baked right inside of it. Fortunately for us we find that baked good comes in the moist cake-like consistency in a perfectly crafted set of chocolate donuts. Whether they’re covered in sprinkles, iced in strawberry icing, or some other variation, they’re certainly hard to pass up!

The thing about this is that we didn’t need to talk about actual chocolate donuts at all, but we wanted to give a best example of how it should go and what kind of context should surround it. What did you learn about keyword density and placement in this example? Let us know in the comments below!

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