hasOptimization is proud to announce the new website redesign for our client Steel Wood Construction. Steel Wood Construction is an independent contractor serving Southern New Hampshire. Owner Bill Roy was looking for a new website that would help him generate traffic and potential leads.

The old Steel Wood Construction website was a WIX site built website (remember the old WIX site for Tucked In Organics?). The previous site was built so long ago using a Flash builder that the WIX editor no longer supported the design and asked for the site owner to redesign the website in their new editor. While WIX can be a decent starter site builder, WIX is currently severely limited in its SEO capabilities. On top of WIX’s shortcomings, the Flash-based design along with the lack of dedicated mobile pages meant that the site was completely inaccessible on mobile devices–a huge problem in the modern web.

hasOptimization was determined to get Steel Wood Construction’s site up to snuff for 2016. We translated the current content over from the old Flash website, as well as adding new pertinent information about the business, new links to social media, and also new projects with new gallery items. The new look is partial-custom, that is, it is based off a prebuilt theme and then modified to be unique to Steel Wood.


Steel Wood Construction Before Redesign
The old flash WIX site for Steel Wood Construction

After (click to view the live site):

Steel Wood Construction After Redesign
The Steel Wood Construction site after our redesign.

All in all, we built a versatile, fresh site for Steel Wood Construction. This page is mobile friendly, intuitive, with more content and lots more opportunity for our client to show in a search. Steel Wood Construction is sure to be generating many more page hits and potential leads with this fluid and sleek new site design.

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