Here at hasOptimization, we love all our clients! But there’s a special place in our heart for Dianne Beaton of 2diFore Marketing Solutions. Dianne is not only a client, she’s a partner–and a friend!

I met Dianne last year through another fantastic partner, Susan Englert of Sandpiper Artisans Graphic Design, whose design skills have influenced many of the websites we build. Dianne was looking for someone to be the go-to SEO, web development and web maintenance contractor for her full-service marketing firm, and Susan knew that hasOptimization could fill those shoes.

We began working with Dianne on SEO content updates for many of her clients, but soon moved on to site maintenance projects and eventually full website overhauls with Susan’s design help. Today, Dianne, Susan and I form a cohesive partnership, trusting each others’ expertise and sharing clients and resources. I have the utmost respect for Dianne’s sales and client relations skills, as well as her ability to keep multifaceted projects moving forward. In turn, she expresses amazement at hasOptimization’s ability to turn out well-optimized, solidly-constructed websites, and my “robot skills” of reading source code as a troubleshooting measure!

Dianne and 2diFore are a great example of our white-label agency services, although in this case “white label” isn’t really applicable (the term refers to the practice of stripping one’s own branding off of work that is being resold through another brand). While we’re happy to white label when requested, it’s always a pleasure to work with someone like Dianne who understands that business owners working together in an open and trusting fashion ultimately helps us all grow our businesses.

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