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It has been a truly phenomenal year here at hasOptimization, and we are deeply grateful to the clients, friends, teammembers and collaborators who have helped make it such a banner year. A few of these people bear special mention:

  • Client, friend and collaborator June Trisciani of j. ellen Design, whose referrals and testimonials have launched so much new business.
  • Client/friend/collaborator Susan Englert of Sandpiper Artisans Graphic Design, whose services and referrals are always top notch.
  • Team member Haeleigh Hyatt, without whom we could not have done the volume of business we’ve done this year.
  • Team member Holly Mathison, who has done some amazing work this year on our new business cards and a number of client projects including print design and web design and development.
  • The whole crew at BNI Powerhouse for referrals, collaboration, services and support.

And that’s just a sampling. There are too many of you to list here, and you’re all amazing. If you’re reading this post, we are thankful to you!

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