But if our clients want to do it for us, we’re delighted! (Read more testimonials here).

The smart and talented June at J Ellen Design has this to say about our work:

“At my invitation, Holly was a guest presenter at Window Covering Association of America’s Seacoast Chapter monthly meeting. Holly’s presentation was focused on SEO and Social Media and was geared toward Interior Designers and Window Treatment Workroom professionals. This can be a difficult topic for a group of non-technical individuals; however, Holly was amazing at breaking down each piece into bite-size chunks that were easy to grasp. The group was quite impressed with her skill set and were able take away valuable tips they could use immediately to improve their web sites and enhance their social media presence.

[In addition, hasOptimization] created my business website and has been working with me to create content and leverage SEO to improve my business traffic. After a bad experience with this in the past, Holly has been a breath of fresh air and I look to her for her expertise on a regular basis. Her breadth and depth of knowledge never ceases to amaze me and I look forward to taking the next steps with her to improve my social media presence and continue to beef up my own web presence as my company continues to grow.

[Finally,] I have referred Holly to my client who is opening a new laser medical spa in Manchester, NH. Again, Holly is quite knowledgeable in her field and never ceases to impress! In our first meeting with the client, Holly was able to shine and really present herself as an expert in the web optimization and social media realm. She was able to answer my client’s questions and build a comfort level almost immediately. Holly has been retained to provide her expert project management skills and expertise when developing the website, social media presence and site optimization as we prepare to open this new business. As with my business, Holly will continue to be a valuable, long-term member of the team. (Holly has also already been asked to review one of my client’s other business websites to see how she can make it better!)

I can go on; however, the best thing I can say is you will not be disappointed when you work with Holly. She is a remarkable young woman who continues to impress me every day.”

–June at J Ellen Design

June, you’ve been a delight to work with and we deeply appreciate the referrals. There is no higher compliment!

j ellen design finished website
J Ellen Design’s finished website (click to view the real thing!)
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