Business news time!

Tomorrow, I’ll be at a networking meetup in Manchester. Thanks to Schall Creative for the invite. Looking forward to meeting other small businesses in central NH, and hopefully some new potential clients! I’d love to work with more NH business.

At long last, I have some proper business cards! After much procrastinating and waffling about design and styling, I just did it. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to have them reprinted due to a printing error, but the information on them is accurate and that’s the most important thing (phone number removed in this image). One of these days, a paper business card may become obsolete, but that day is not yet come, and even us high-tech types need a card.

Current projects (what’s been keeping me from blogging lately) include an awesome advertising opportunity for a great client, a new website in rapid development for a client whose vision for the site matches mine so well we barely need to meet, a new project management system going live for my agency contract, and a couple of truly frustrating custom Google Analytics installations that I have to say I’m rather proud of myself for working out successfully. May has been a very busy month professionally and personally, and I have lots of interesting things coming up in June as well. Speaking of:

Upcoming Awesomeness:

  • Networking Fridays in Manchester
  • Board meeting for Suncook Valley Chorale (just got elected to a Publicity Chair position)
  • San Diego Interactive Day on June 14

I’m excited about this summer! It looks to be full of fun, opportunities and interesting people, and that’s what makes life great.

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