We want you to love our clients as much as we do. That’s why this segment is so important to hasOptimization. Client Spotlights are a feature where we focus on a single client and talk about what they do and the work we’ve done together. 

Interstate Manufacturing Associates is a machining shop in Sunapee, NH. They provide a variety of precision machined items, whether they are custom made to spec or submitted by customers, made from a variety of materials. They also create a line of hinges called the “boss hinge”, which is a great heavy duty hinge that comes in a variety of styles and colors.

What we do with Interstate Manufacturing Associates

Interstate Manufacturing Associates Logo

We work with Interstate Manufacturing Associates on managing content, SEO, social media and reputation management, and we even revamped their website from a static HTML website. Our associate, Sue Englert, from BE Creative even created their lovely new logo. While machining and manufacturing may be more of a “niche” business, we’re constantly looking for new avenues to increase Interstate’s reach, keeping them competitive with other machine shops and manufacturing centers.

Why you should work with Interstate Manufacturing Associates

Parts shifting from drawn to real photographs

Interstate Manufacturing Associates is the perfect solution for precision machined parts. Whether you’re looking for a single part to be produced for your project, or you need parts produced en masse, Interstate can help. They also do CAD/CAM design and production, as well as fuel nozzle refurbishment, and so much more. Interstate Manufacturing Associates is happy to bring your dreams to reality using their precision manufacturing expertise.

How to get in touch with Interstate Manufacturing Associates

Looking to have some parts made? Shoot them a message via their contact form on their website. Alternatively, you can also give them a call:

Interstate Manufacturing Associates, Inc.
45 Lower Main St.
Sunapee, NH 03782
Phone: (603) 763-1578

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