Hiring in the world of COVID-19 2020 is, well, kind of a trip. Many companies are laying off staff, and here we are hiring. In many ways, this reflects hasOptimization’s relatively privileged position in this wild ride: We were already a fully remote company, focused on web-based marketing efforts. We will, ultimately, be able to weather this and come out in good shape. And in the meantime, we needed a Social Media Manager.

Allyson Grammo

Enter (drumroll please) Allyson Grammo! Allyson comes to us from the wilds of central Massachusetts, a graduate of Mount Holyoke College with degrees in English and Music and work experience in their computer diagnostic center. She’s a singer, a crafter, and a piano player in her spare time. Her work background includes managing social media at a couple of different educational institutions as well as some freelancing in the field, and we’re thrilled to have her on board.

Allyson will be stepping into the role of Social Media Manager, striving to enhance meaningful connection with customers via the web. It’s certainly an exciting time to be taking on this role for the hasOptimization client roster, but in her first couple of days Allyson has already shown herself to be smart, capable and independent.

If you’re a hasOptimization client, you may see Allyson’s face and email address appearing on some of your social media management portals. If you’re NOT yet a hasOptimization client, what’s holding you back? In this time of social distancing, online marketing services are more important than ever to the health of your business.

Want to know more about our small but savvy staff? Check out our staff page for more on our Highly Optimized Staff and Awesome Associates.

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