At hasOptimization, we’ve been working more towards practicing what we preach. While we believe in things like LGBTQ+ rights, are avid animal advocates, amongst other things, we believe that the web should be as accessible as possible to people of all walks of life. That’s why we’re constantly blogging about how to make your website more accessible, or your social media account. While we can give out tips for best practices, nothing is better than having a real world user work hand-in-hand with our developer to ensure things are functioning properly, as expected, and as best as they can.

Only four months ago we took on an assistant, and now we’re taking on an accessibility specialist to help us rigorously test websites to make sure they are functionally usable to those with screen readers. Please join us in welcoming Lindsay Yazzolino as our accessibility specialist!

Lindsay Yazzolino

Lindsay Yazzolino is a lifelong assistive technology expert will will be conducting screen reader web accessibility evaluations for hasOptimization. Lindsay comes with a BA in cognitive science from Brown University. Lindsay is also a tactile technology specialist who collaborates with clients such as museums, artists, and scientists to create multisensory hands-on exhibits and other irresistibly “hand-catching” experiences.

When not conducting accessibility tests, Lindsay likes to engage in activities like seeking out bats by their echolocation calls (she spent last summer walking around a cemetery doing just that), and assisting with tactile exhibits for museums such as the Smithsonian.

Lindsay also loves airline turbulence, once memorized 1,000 digits of pi, and even dressed up as a dill pickle for Halloween in first grade.

We look forward to working with Lindsay to make the web a better place!

Want to know more about our small but savvy staff? Check out our staff page for more on our Highly Optimized Staff and Awesome Associates.

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