Antonia Balaz

Antonia Designs is the Washington DC based company of graphic designer Antonia Balazs. Antonia Designs works with individuals and businesses, striving to create custom designs that harness each client’s vision. Antonia prides herself on listening to her clients to capture their ideas on paper. Whether you have a clear vision or are struggling to express an idea, Antonia Designs is there to listen and understand, helping you articulate your ideas.

What kind of occasion would you use custom graphic design for? Any! While Antonia does a lot of her design work for engagements, bridal showers and weddings, custom graphic design is appropriate for any occasion. From introducing the newest member of your family with a birth announcement, to special event menus and bar mitzvah and holiday cards, you’ll never be disappointed with Antonia Designs.

Antonia Designs

Antonia Balazs also features comprehensive logo design and branding for small businesses, giving your business a cohesive and professional look to create a lasting impression.

However, when it came to Antonia’s online presence, she needed a little help from us. We crafted the Antonia Designs website from scratch, combining quality content and web design with Antonia’s stunning graphics. We created and help to manage most of Antonia’s social profiles (including her new Pinterest page!), allowing her to have meaningful online interactions with potential customers. We’ve also continued to develop Antonia’s Internet presence through online PR and ongoing SEO work on her website. She now has a lengthy mailing list and many social media followers. She deserves it–look at those beautiful designs!

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