Just a bit late!

September was a busy month personally, with a couple of weddings and every weekend booked solid. I’ll admit, blogging fell through the cracks, and here I am realizing that I didn’t post any new blog content in October.

October found me partnering up with DSD Media Marketing, a great little company focusing on producing top notch video content at reasonable prices. Rhiannon at DSD thinks everyone’s website deserves a testimonial video or other video content! I’m looking forward to working with them, because they’re like the puzzle piece to my work. I do SEO, UX and Analytics, but I don’t handle video or photo content. They do photo and video, and some web development, but very little SEO. In short, we’re both excited to have the other available as a resource.

Get FreshBooks

I’m also investing in my business. This month, I finally made the jump to a paid version of my belovedinvoicing and accounting software, Freshbooks. Freshbooks has been with me from the beginning, and until now I’ve made due with a free version, but as I take on more clients it is becoming harder to manage invoicing efficiently. The paid version of Freshbooks enables me to invoice in a few clicks, send emailed invoices, and send one-click payment-received emails. Great stuff.

I also stepped it up in the production side with new software for reporting and analysis, which makes me very happy. I love being able to deliver good data to my clients, but with smaller SEO programs the time needed to do it by hand isn’t justifiable. With this new software, it’s all gathered and formatted automatically.

Coming up:  A whole series of blog posts on the topic of blog organization. If you’re in the process of setting up a blog, or need to reorganize your chaotic blog, you’re going to want to read these!

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