Complete site redesign and fleshing-out is still underway (I’m far too neurotic about the site structure to just start putting things up without making sure I’m 100% happy with what I’m doing!), but in the meantime I’ve rolled over to the Twenty-Eleven WP theme, which in my opinion is much nicer to look at than the old theme. Though I apparently briefly broke the blog in the changeover, sorry!

One thing I don’t like about the Twenty Eleven theme, however, is that in my personal opinion it has way too much whitespace and dumps too much content below the fold. Fortunately, this is easily modifiable in the CSS. So I just stripped out some padding.

Though I love the header images that come with the theme, I hate being “default”, so I uploaded a photo I took in San Diego a few months ago as my interim header until the full design launches. Something about the image really appeals to me….it’s also my desktop background at the moment. I think it’s the pattern/texture of it.

Horrible cold currently makes for notmuch work getting done, but there’s lots of stuff in the works!

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