Pinterest Shortcode

Pinterest Shortcode

This shortcode is no longer necessary as WordPress 5.8 enabled embedding from Pinterest natively. Simply paste in your pin URL and WordPress takes care of the rest!

This shortcode is easy to use! Simply download the plugin package, upload it to your WordPress site, and then activate it. It will automatically add the official Pinterest embed script into your footer. You can then use the shortcode by surrounding your Pin’s URL with [pin][/pin]. The default size for pins with this shortcode is large, but you can specify what size you want by adding the attribute width=. This will support all official Pinterest pin sizes: small, medium, large.

Example code


Example with attributes:

[pin width=small no_description=true][/pin]

Known Limitations

Due to something within the way Pinterest works, Pins with URLs including letters or special characters will not embed either with this shortcode or with the official embed code.

Example: Working:

Example: Not working:

1.0.1 – Now includes “no_description” attribute. By default set to false, but use no_description=true to turn off the description.
1.0.0 – Release