Why aren’t website builders so great?

Posted by on December 1st, 2017

When we take on new clients, often times they hand over DIY projects and websites to us to continue working on. While we are all for taking responsibility into your hands and trying out the DIY route, we often have to explain to our clients why sometimes DIY website builders aren’t the greatest things. Sure, if you need a basic web presence and need a decent easy-to-use and easy-to-make website in a pinch, we applaud your effort of using a web builder online. Still, understanding some of the shortcomings of these website builders can help you make a more informed decision over whether or not you should pay for a website. This blog post is dated November 10th, 2017. All information is up to this date only. These website builders are subject to change, and can add or remove features at their own discretion with or without notification. Weebly Weebly is by far the best website builder we usually come across. It’s easy to use, has a lot of features to keep your website aligned, responsive, and looking decent. But with all drag-and-drop website builders, it does have its shortcomings. What we like about Weebly If you have any knowledge of CSS and HTML, you can really get into the nitty gritty of your site. There are options to edit the HTML and CSS directly which is great for really getting in there. The pages are strictly HTML. Not that there’s anything wrong with PHP but… HTML only is fantastic…

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Site Launch: Abington Aesthetic

Posted by on May 2nd, 2017

The team at hasOptimization is proud to present to you our latest website overhaul. Abington Aesthetic Laser and Medical Center is a client out of Philadelphia, PA specializing in non-invasive cosmetic laser surgery including hair removal, tattoo removal, and more. With a lot to offer, Abington Aesthetic had a site that needed some major updates to showcase their current range of services to clients and potential customers. Abington Aesthetic’s old site was a basic HTML website. It was billed as being a bit too “grey” by the client. Back when it was originally built, it may have been a sleek and nice looking website, but in 2017, it was lacking. Without a responsive mobile theme, it was hard to read on small screen devices, and it lacked updates. With colossal drop down lists in the menu, it was hard to navigate. It also had an issue with consistency between pages; some newer pages read like a cheap newspaper ad, while the blog was a completely different look altogether, which could throw off immersion for visitors. Here’s how we overcame these issues: we started with a basic site map to figure out what we wanted to go where and how people would be searching for Abington Aesthetic’s services. We developed new pages with expanded content to give potential clients an informed choice as to what Abington Aesthetic offered and combined old pages that were lacking in content. Then, we developed based on the client’s aesthetic choices, a responsive and classy new…

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Site Launch: Restoration Management’s New Site

Posted by on April 12th, 2017

hasOptimization is pleased to announce the release of a new client website! We have been working with Restoration Management LLC for some time to improve general web presence as well as managing their social media profiles for their damage restoration company. We were excited to hear that they wanted to go ahead with a new webpage to showcase the variety of services they offer. Restoration Management’s old website was a basic HTML website created in 2012. While a basic HTML website is great for load speeds and ultimate customization, this site was out of date and had suffered some malicious attacks that left it at a disadvantage. It did not have a mobile view, which tanked its rankings in Google for mobile friendly sites. We knew a new site with modern design and structure would serve them well. What hasOptimization aimed to do was to bring Restoration Management’s page into 2017. With this, we wanted to accommodate customers who were viewing the website on all devices – not just some. We implemented a beautiful, sleek, professional new website with mobile functionality, as well as additional service pages to give customers an idea of what Restoration Management is capable of. We also included testimonials, a new contact form, a gorgeous interactive gallery, and we linked all of their social media profiles to their website so viewers could easily click and follow on their social media service of choice. With these changes, updating Restoration Management’s page to include new pictures of upcoming…

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Site Launch: Fire & Rescue Institute

Posted by on April 2nd, 2017

This one has been a bit of a journey. Let me take you back, back, back… to 2014. That’s when Rod Towne from the Fire and Rescue Institute first approached us about developing a website! Now, normally a site development project takes a few weeks to a few months, but due to a number of changes and other responsibilities at FRI, this one was in production for almost three years. The hasOptimization team was happy to stick with FRI and keep motivating them to flesh out content and make decisions, and now, finally… We can announce the launch of FRI’s very first website! How cool is that? For the time being, their needs are simple, and we fully expect to help them grow over time as they find new and better ways to utilize their website in their marketing and overall business. Nevertheless, as with all our sites, we’ve fleshed out basic SEO content and structures and set them up with Google Analytics so they can track their traffic. Everyone has to start somewhere on the internet, and we’re always proud to launch a company’s first ever foray into a web presence. Congratulations, Fire & Rescue Institute!

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Site Launch: B Burton Custom Decor

Posted by on January 7th, 2017

hasOptimization is proud to announce a new site for client B. Burton Custom Decor, LLC. B. Burton Custom Decor is a design studio out of Manchester, NH that focuses on interior stylings such as furnishings, custom drapery, custom lighting, and more. This client sometimes works in conjunction with our other longtime client j. ellen Design, LLC, and shares office space with her. Barbara, the owner and lead designer of B. Burton Custom Decor, came to hasOptimization looking for a brand new site build. She did not have an existing site, and was limited on content she could offer up on her website. With what content she did have, we were able to create a great starter page for Barbara to begin building her website. We offered Barbara a variety of layouts to choose from, and she picked out an excellent contemporary webpage that is both stylish as well as responsive. What this means is that this page looks good on desktop, mobile, and tablet. The webpage was built to allow Barbara to continue with all kinds of content: she can add galleries, begin blogging, or even showcase projects, and more. You can check out B. Burton Custom Decor’s new website by clicking here, or by clicking on the preview image below. Interested in a new website for your business? Get in touch!

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Site Launch: Maple Leaf Construction’s New Look

Posted by on October 3rd, 2016

hasOptimization is proud to announce the launch of another brand new website. We are excited to show you the new website of client Maple Leaf Construction, LLC. This client came to us with their old website which was a standard HTML website. While HTML websites are great for load time, and were the standard in web design at one point, many websites need additional features added to make browsing the best it can be on a variety of browsers as well as devices. Maple Leaf’s old HTML website was older than six years old; it was formatted for a small screen (Think back to the old 1024×768 days, or even 800×600!). This made the old design very “awkward” on larger screens, seeing as it was scaled into the left hand corner. What we wanted to do for Maple Leaf was the engineer a website that was both friendly and functional. We also wanted to showcase their array of projects – and they certainly have a lot of them. Maple Leaf is a very busy construction client who has a lot of impressive projects to show. We wanted to give the visiting user a great interface to look through projects to inspire them and give them an idea of how well Maple Leaf Construction could handle their large scale project. We also wanted to make sure that anyone – not just a small screen computer – could view and use their website. This meant creating a responsive website that would scale…

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Site Launch: Tucked In Organic’s New Look

Posted by on July 5th, 2016

hasOptimization is pleased to announce a launch of a new look for client Tucked In Organics. Tucked In Organics sells organic mattresses and bedding products, and they were looking for a new, intuitive website that could help their company grow. The old Tucked In Organics website was a WIX site builder site. While WIX can be a great starter service, we find that WIX can be severely limited in its SEO capabilities (for another WIX to WordPress migration, see the new Steel Wood Construction site). The page was slow loading and did not have an internal search which made finding certain products difficult. WIX also did not support Google Analytics tracking or our SEO auditing software, which made page optimization difficult. Worst of all, WIX doesn’t currently allow for individual page settings for important items such as SEO titles, keywords, or descriptions, which means that one title is applied globally for the entire site. To explain it simply, the one title of “Organic Bedding, Mattresses, and Bedding Supplies” then had to encompass pages such as “Bathroom Items”, or “Baby Items”, which Tucked In Organics also sells. This is a search optimization problem because if an individual was looking to search for “organic baby items”, the Tucked In Organics site would never display due to a lack of search-indexable content on the topic. Before: After (click to view the live site): With our new site redesign, hasOptimization was able to fix all of those problems. We started by bringing over all of…

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Site Launch: Progressive Spine and Rehab

Posted by on June 5th, 2016

hasOptimization is proud to announce the launch of another new site. Progressive Spine & Rehab is a Manchester based chiropractic office that offers massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, and more. Progressive Spine had recently undergone an owner change. Originally known as Merrick Spine Center and owned by Dr. John Merrick, the company became Progressive Spine and Rehab under new owner Dr. Eric O’Connell. Since the old website was reflective of the old name, Dr. O’Connell needed a new website to show the change in ownership as well as improve SEO and usability. hasOptimization drafted up a few template ideas for Progressive Spine, and once Dr. O’Connell chose, it was easy to create a new, reactive website to fit his needs. Building a new website on WordPress allowed Progressive Spine to have a slew of new features. The old website was developed on a chiropractic specific website builder. While this was useful for a quick and easy website, and also provided a lot of chiropractic specific content, it came with a lot of downfalls. The first was that the developers of the site builder had complete control over the website content. This means that the owner of the site could not change a lot of things, such as the template of the site, side bar items, or headers. The next biggest downfall was that the templates were very “cookie cutter”, meaning other chiropractic offices could use the same template, same colors, and same images on their own websites. With the…

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Site Launch: Steel Wood Construction’s New Look

Posted by on May 15th, 2016

hasOptimization is proud to announce the new website redesign for our client Steel Wood Construction. Steel Wood Construction is an independent contractor serving Southern New Hampshire. Owner Bill Roy was looking for a new website that would help him generate traffic and potential leads. The old Steel Wood Construction website was a WIX site built website (remember the old WIX site for Tucked In Organics?). The previous site was built so long ago using a Flash builder that the WIX editor no longer supported the design and asked for the site owner to redesign the website in their new editor. While WIX can be a decent starter site builder, WIX is currently severely limited in its SEO capabilities. On top of WIX’s shortcomings, the Flash-based design along with the lack of dedicated mobile pages meant that the site was completely inaccessible on mobile devices–a huge problem in the modern web. hasOptimization was determined to get Steel Wood Construction’s site up to snuff for 2016. We translated the current content over from the old Flash website, as well as adding new pertinent information about the business, new links to social media, and also new projects with new gallery items. The new look is partial-custom, that is, it is based off a prebuilt theme and then modified to be unique to Steel Wood. Before: After (click to view the live site): All in all, we built a versatile, fresh site for Steel Wood Construction. This page is mobile friendly, intuitive, with more content and lots more opportunity…

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Site Launch: Exeter River Co-Op’s New Look

Posted by on April 15th, 2016

hasOptimization is proud to announce the new look of the Exeter River Co-Operative. This community owned property in Exeter, NH was looking for a new, responsive web design to help them get into 2016. The old web design was a basic HTML page. While basic HTML is great for load times, it does not afford the flexibility of a mobile theme and can be hard to navigate on small screen devices. The Exeter River Co-Op site had a lot of information on it that wasn’t necessarily organized in a way that was too easy to find. They had notices, social events, and all kinds of other pertinent information for their residents. We wanted to make sure we not only gave them the power of a gorgeous new web design, but we also wanted to make sure their visitors found their website easy to use. The first thing we did was make sure that their upgraded web design would include a search bar. This would easily mitigate any problems with finding information on site. Even if we placed the information where we thought it would be most intuitive for it to be, if a visitor couldn’t find it or was having trouble with it, they could just search to find what they were looking for. We also made a custom page for our client to be able to list homes for sale. This page allows them to create an individual listing per home for sale. They can include any information they…

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