It’s 2019. Don’t Forget to Update Your Site Footer

Posted by on January 2nd, 2019

We know that in the first week of 2019 there’s probably more important things you’re scrambling to do, but there’s one important thing that often gets overlooked when it comes to web development. That is: updating your copyright year.

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Site Launch: ANEWU Medical Spa

Posted by on December 3rd, 2018

hasOptimization is proud to announce the launch of a new site for Merrimack, NH medical spa ANEWU Medical Spa. ANEWU Medical Spa originally came to hasOptimization looking to improve their ad performance on Facebook and around the web. While we were glad to help, as we were assisting to prepare new advertising methods, we noticed that there was one big problem: ANEWU’s current site was lacking in a lot of elements that are critically necessary for success when it comes to advertising, especially on mobile platforms like Facebook. First and foremost, the site was not fully responsive, making it hard to navigate on mobile. There were issues where content would not load properly or at all, or even stretch out the screen, resulting in the dreaded horizontal scrolling on mobile. Information was cluttered and hard to decipher; the basic template of the page was not the most visually appealing, and resulted in pages that looked more like Wikipedia entries rather than service pages delivering the necessary information to potential customers for services. We always say… Advertising dollars spent sending someone to a hard-to-navigate, broken, ill-loading, or otherwise unclear page are advertising dollars wasted. Site owner Holly agreed, and we sped off to create a new site template that would not only function properly on all devices, but also help to optimize her site for potential and new clients, allowing them to find all of the information they needed quickly and easily. We conducted the following steps and then some to…

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How to Show WordPress Featured Images in MailChimp RSS – Without a Plugin

Posted by on November 23rd, 2018

We’ve already gone through how to get featured images/blog post images to show in MailChimp with the Featured Image in RSS plugin, but perhaps you don’t want to use a plugin. Maybe you’re looking for a way to edit your RSS feed without putting yet another plugin into your WordPress install. Never fear! We can help guide you through this plugin-less route. It’s actually quite simple, and there’s a few different ways to do it. Let’s take a look!

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Site Launch: Prescott Farm Environment Education Center

Posted by on November 17th, 2018

hasOptimization is proud to announce the launch of a new site for Prescott Farm Environment Education Center in Laconia, NH.

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Gutenberg is coming: What you need to know

Posted by on November 7th, 2018

If you have heard anything about WordPress, you might’ve heard the word “gutenberg” thrown around quite a bit lately. Here we talk about Gutenberg, what it is, and how it will affect your website.

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Site Launch: Repair Wireless

Posted by on October 19th, 2018

hasOptimization is proud to announce the launch of a new site redesign for Repair Wireless, an all-things-tech repair shop in Brockton, MA.

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GDPR and You: What You Should Know (And Do)

Posted by on May 25th, 2018

By now, you’ve probably heard about GDPR. Facebook and various other services have been talking about GDPR for some time now. You probably also got a slew of emails with “updated privacy policies” from various services you don’t even remember joining. What is GDPR and how does it affect you?

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Updating Your Website and Your Brand for 2018

Posted by on February 13th, 2018

When making websites, we understand that a website we build for you today may be outdated as soon as a year from page launch. Because the internet is a part of technology, new things and ways to consume data and information routinely come out. A page that we made five years ago may not have the same functionality as a page that is created today. That’s why we offer website development services to update your brand website and attempt to add functionality where none exists. Many times we do this to conform with best practices for responsive website building, since most websites nowadays are viewed on mobile devices. Since the majority of our websites we handle are built on the WordPress platform, enabling older sites of our own for mobile responsiveness is usually not only a no-brainer, it’s fairly simple as well. However, we do also service clients who are interested in updating or changing their brand image. When this happens, we are glad to help! Check out what we’ve done for some of our clients: Tucked In Organics Owners Jason and Emily had us build them a custom eCommerce site a few years back. Since then, their brand image has changed and evolved with time. We’ve kept up with some of the latest in trending web design and kept their website up-to-par. When we were asked to make the page more “serious”, of course we obliged. Even just a few tiny changes on a website can make a lot of difference,…

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Site Launch: Break Free 603

Posted by on January 4th, 2018

Break Free 603 LLC is an escape room in Amherst, NH. The owner, Keith, did a fantastic job using MobiRise to create a nice starter website with necessary information. We call it a “starter” site, because as you know, in-browser website builders usually aren’t all that great. He did a good job of getting the information out on the web so people could find him and the escape room. With that being said, there were some issues. He wanted us to take over updating the website as he couldn’t commit to constantly updating the website. The problem with this was that with the MobiRise editor, any changes we made could have been easily overridden by him if he also made changes. That meant any website updates, SEO changes, code changes, or otherwise could be swept away easy if we’re not tightly in touch and sending files back and forth to one another. The good news about this was that we had a perfect solution — WordPress! Since WordPress is collaborative, we can create individual users for each person who wants to update the site. Changes are made to the site in real time, and edits are made from there. Changes to posts and pages can also be reverted with WordPress’ revisions system, and we can see which changes were made and by whom. These are just some of the reasons why we love WordPress, along with the easy-to-use website backend that makes editing a breeze even for the most non-tech…

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Site Launch: EcoSource LLC

Posted by on December 15th, 2017

EcoSource LLC, who provides cleaning services to business of all sizes in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, became a hasOptimization client in the summer of 2017. When we take on new clients, we often “inherit” sites that can be plagued with problems. Most of the time, sites can easily be modified or “fixed” to bring them up to speed. With EcoSource, we inherited an older WordPress-based site. While it was great that it was WordPress, it hadn’t been updated in roughly five years. That meant it was running a very old version of WordPress. While many issues can sometimes be resolved by just upgrading WordPress, in this instance the page was utilizing a highly custom template that used a lot of plugins and specialty coding. This probably worked really well when the site was new, but a few years on without any updating, many essential items were broken or missing. Others were workarounds for features that have since been added to WordPress itself. Lastly, the site was lacking in now-essential features such as responsive pages for viewing on multiple devices. We suggested to the client that creating a light re-design from scratch would be the best way to tackle a lot of these issues. The client agreed, but wanted to maintain somewhat of the original design and feel, while upgrading the site. Can do! We utilized the same colors of the old EcoSource site, while pulling in old resources such as the background image, while upgrading other features and making even more…

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